Furry Friends Biscuit Bakery Celebrates its 12th Year!


…and your support has made Furry Friends Biscuit Bakery POSSIBLE!

Karen now has a Furry Friends Biscuit Bakery booth at the Southwest Plaza Mall Farmers Market every Saturday,  from 8am–2pm for the 2023 Season! We are looking forward to seeing friendly faces — and as always, we’ll be offering up freshly baked biscuits for your furry friends, including samples at our booth!

(The last Farmers Market date at Southwest Plaza Mall this year will be Saturday, October 28, 2023)

Southwest Plaza Farmer’s Market is located at 8501 W. Bowles Avenue and Wadsworth Blvd. Map here.

ANY QUESTIONS? Please contact Karen, here.



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Dear Furry Friends Community —
Thank you for your patience these last few months, as we navigated the care of a cherished loved one.

We are grateful for your kind support, and to be able to start selling biscuits again — just in time for the holidays!

Scroll up for details, or visit our facebook page, here.

Thanks, again!
Hugs and love to the pups!

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I love my dogs…

…and I know you do too.  As co-founder of a local shelter here in Colorado, lost and homeless dogs have a special place in my heart (that’s why you’ll find a heart biscuit in every bag!)  We all want our furry friends to have a long life and good health, so I’ve done my homework.  Baked and hand packaged in my own kitchen, Furry Friends Biscuit Bakery selects the finest ingredients that are both healthy and tasty.  Your dog will love these treats, just as much as mine do!                                                                                                                                                         —Karen


My homemade dog biscuits contain only the finest ingredients. Each biscuit is hand-cut and slowly baked to provide a great snack for your furry friend.

I use organic and free-range eggs, organic flours, organic herbs and spices, and many other natural and organic ingredients.  I also buy raw honey from my Loveland veterinarian who has 14 hives in her backyard.  I buy my high quality liverwurst (without chemical preservatives) straight from Continental Sausage in Denver. It’s good food.

These biscuits are super tasty.  They are loaded with flavorful ingredients like olive oil, organic peanut butter, Romano cheese, and free range ground chicken.  Give your friends something that has taste and good smells!  Why do you think they always beg at your kitchen table?

And if you or your dog are not completely satisfied with our biscuits, please return them for a full refund.

We stand behind the quality of our dog biscuits 100%.


Our goal is to provide healthy, premium pet treats made with quality ingredients that will make our furry friends happy, while raising funds to keep our Colorado animal welfare organizations thriving so they will find homeless dogs and cats good homes.

Therefore, I feel it is important to produce our biscuits in a manner that helps Colorado in various ways:

  • Recycled Paperboard:  The wraparound package is made from recycled paper products.  Please continue the recycling circle and recycle the package one more time.
  • Humane Treatment/Free Range:  It is important to treat the animals that provide us with food in a respectful manner.  I use cage free eggs and ground chicken that grazed on natural grass and other good feeds.  No microbial wash is used to preserve the meat.
  • High Quality, Natural and Organic Ingredients: Where I can locate organic ingredients, I use them in my biscuits.  Because this is a small company, the biscuits are not yet certified organic.
  • Donate to Colorado Animals Shelters:  I donate much of the net profits to Colorado humane societies and other animal welfare organizations that work so hard to find a forever home for our homeless animals.

Buy Local. Living in Boulder County, we are fortunate to be close to many small farmers.  I purchase locally produced honey, meat and veggies when available.

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